Google Fiber for Grand Rapids

Google Fiber for Grand Rapids is a grassroots effort to bring citizens together with leaders in local government, economic development, business, education, nonprofit, health care and media to demonstrate that Grand Rapids is the perfect trial market for the Google Fiber for Communities initiative:

Who is Google Fiber for Grand Rapids?

On February 10, shortly after Google announced its Google Fiber for Communities initiative, Nick Kuzmin and Aaron Brander of MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry ( established the Google Fiber for Grand Rapids Facebook fan page ( With support from top Grand Rapids social media players including Laura Caprara, Richard App, Scott Erickson, Paul Jendrasiak, Tommy Allen, Tommy Fitzgerald, Todd Ernst, Pete Brand, Michael Yoder, Jimmy Le and Jennifer Wilson, tens of thousands of people became fans, making the Google Fiber for Grand Rapids fan page #1 among community Facebook efforts to attract Google fiber.

Why are people behind Google Fiber for Grand Rapids?

West Michigan is making the transition from a manufacturing-centric economy, to one built on technology, health sciences, advanced manufacturing and alternative energy, all fueled, in part, by strong higher education. Google fiber will help stimulate growth in these industries, support the higher education needed to develop a highly skilled workforce, and provide our city with a competitive advantage in recruiting talent and retaining a larger number of the area’s 72,000 college and university students needed to move the new economy forward.

What’s next for YOU and Google Fiber for Grand Rapids?

The people of Grand Rapids have said it loud and clear: “My Grand Rapids is READY for Google fiber!”  And, while they haven’t provided many details on the selection process, we know Google heard us and will select a city by the end of the year.  You can learn more at Google Fiber for Communities.  You can also check out our videos and the Get Involved page for more information on how you can keep in touch.

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