My Grand Rapids! Videos

Welcome to the My Grand Rapids! video section. Check back often to see Grand Rapidians discussing their Grand Rapids and what Google Fiber means to them.

Andrea Wallace - Super Dre - DJ

Dave Shaffer, Grand Rapids City Commissioner

Diana Sieger, President, GR Community Foundation

Steven Ender, ED.D, President, GRCC

Danny Beckett, CEO, Spearia Inc

George Aquino, General Manager, JW Marriott

Tim Motley, Photographer, Motley Cat Studios

Brandon Dillon - Kent County Commissioner

Greg Sundstrom, City Manager of Grand Rapids

Rachel Ruiz - Wood TV 8

Ryan Slusarzyk, Marketing Manager, Amway Hotel

Rosalynn Bliss - Grand Rapids City Commissioner

Oliver Evans, President of Kendall College

Grand Rapids Mayor, George Heartwell

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